The Fisherman’s Wife is a hidden gem in Wilmington.

This warm and friendly store is offers a delightful array of china, paper, and creative gifts. Walking through the shop, something is always bound to bring a smile. Whether it’s the endearing cards, the kind and knowledgable staff, or the beautiful wares for your wedding registry, you’ll come away a little bit happier, and certain you’ll be back again.

Something fun to check out is what other people have bought that day! On their website newsfeed, you can see live-updated featured purchases and Happy Anniversary wishes from the store.

We highly recommend you give them a like on Facebook, and stop in this summer!


The Fisherman’s Wife is one of the favorite stores for a resident in the beautiful waterfront gated community of Helms Port

Her home is currently on the market, and you truly must take a look.

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