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In the esteemed real estate market of Wilmington, Sherwood Strickland stands out as a paragon of dedication and expertise, harmoniously blending over two decades of construction acumen with a profound understanding of real estate dynamics. As the cornerstone of the Sherwood Strickland Group, Sherwood has meticulously curated a team of consummate professionals, specializing in both residential and commercial sectors, to deliver unparalleled service. Renowned for his integrity and professionalism, Sherwood is celebrated among peers and clients alike, not only as a NFCU Certified Agent adept at facilitating seamless relocations but also as a visionary who coalesces his vast knowledge to craft a bespoke, "Red Carpet, VIP experience" for every client.

Under Sherwood's stewardship, the Sherwood Strickland Group has become synonymous with excellence and personalized service, adopting a sales philosophy that transcends mere transactions to ensure a perfect alignment between a buyer's aspirations and their lifestyle. This commitment to excellence is underscored by a preference for quality over quantity, with Sherwood’s ethos encapsulated in his conviction to serve a select clientele to the utmost degree rather than diluting the quality of service across a broader spectrum.

Sherwood's remarkable journey in real estate is illuminated by his impressive track record, consistently achieving top sales with close to 70 transactions annually in the diverse realms of residential and commercial real estate. His dynamic approach, infused with relentless energy and innovation, has not only garnered exceptional results for his clients but also distinguished him as one of the 23 Master Certified Negotiation Experts in North Carolina. Furthermore, his designation as a Global Luxury Specialist, complemented by his esteemed CLHMS Guild membership, attests to his profound expertise in the Wilmington luxury market, ensuring each client benefits from the highest echelon of service and experience.

Beyond the professional realm, Sherwood's life is a testament to discipline and vigor. An ardent sports enthusiast and a revered figure in the bodybuilding community, he proudly holds the title of “Mr. North Carolina” State Bodybuilding Champion 2010, embodying the very essence of dedication that he brings to his professional endeavors. Alongside his partner Diane, whose commitment to fitness and wellness mirrors his own, Sherwood cherishes the moments spent with their children and their beloved Bernese Mountain Dog, Samson, reflecting the grounded and personal approach that defines the Sherwood Strickland Group's ethos: "Discipline and Dedication is the key to everything we do!" Sherwood Strickland's illustrious career in Wilmington’s real estate market is not just about the properties he represents but about the dreams he fulfills and the legacy of trust and excellence he continues to build.

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