Whether you are buying waterfront property to build your dream home, vacation get-away, or investment property; here are 5 reasons investing in waterfront property is a great idea!

1. Investment Appreciation

The fact that land has little to no depreciation value makes it a great real estate investment strategy! When you own land, you are then the owner of an investment that is considered limited or rare. Desirable land is becoming more limited each year and therefore becoming more valuable.

2. Waterfront Property is Limited

Land located near water is even more limited making it even more valuable!  As a result, buyers can see the investment in their homes appreciate, which if they decide to sell gives them more leverage.

3. Versatility and Options

The wonderful thing about buying land is that you have options! Buy now, build later!

If you are ready to build, this is your perfect opportunity to build your dream home tailored to your exact specifications!

4. Privacy

An ocean front, river front, lakefront or marsh-land property can offer you valuable privacy that typical neighborhoods with fenced-in properties cannot. Waterfront property provides a sense of solitude that is lacking in communities where neighbors live in close proximity.

5. Views and Lifestyle

Waterfront living means a calm and peaceful place to relax and connect with nature. Waterfront lifestyle eliminates the distractions of cars, horns and daily living and reconnects you with the tranquility of nature. Waterfront views are spectacular, and by owning property on the water, you get to wake up to those views every day!

Living by the water can give you the feeling that you are permanently on vacation!

And, who doesn’t want that!?