AARP Real Estate Broker

Sherwood Strickland Group is proud to be a preferred USAA Real Estate Rewards Network Broker.

AARP Real Estate Rewards
Through this No-Cost Program, USAA Members receive up to $6,000 cash back* at the close of their real estate transaction. USAA members are eligible for this program on either the listing side or the buying side of the transaction.

As experienced agents specializing in relocation, we can help USAA members sell or purchase their home using our sales expertise to obtain the best price in the shortest amount of time AND get a reward back of $350 to $6,000 when buying or selling with our USAA Real Estate Rewards Network.  Contact us for further information and details.

Excellent service for members.

“It was also nice to receive that bonus after moving in, as we all know how expensive the little things add up to be. I am 100% satisfied with the program and the entire process. Thank you again for offering this to us.”

Amazing program and excellent real estate agent.

“This is a great program and I highly recommend.”

Working with us, USAA real estate agents, clients often receive an average of over $950 per closed transaction. Program features may vary by state.
AARP Real Estate Rewards Network Rates

92% of members who have used the USAA Real Estate Rewards Network would recommend it to others.

Sherwood Strickland Group is honored to be among a small preferred group of top real estate brokerages, in Wilmington NC, selected to serve military members and their families within the USAA Real Estate Rewards Network. Our USAA-certified agents are selected based on demonstrated ability, experience, real estate knowledge and a track record of exceptional customer care.

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